Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Bits and pieces

I am still having problems with getting photos from my camera to the computer so a few photos I took on the tablet. I found the angel when going through boxes, I made her a few years ago and was pleased to see her. Now on the wall. The Christmas stocking I made, I now have 2 green ones as well and a bunch of little people, half dressed. I am a bit further on with them now. We have been walking but I feel a bit off today so only one walk. My sinus have been a bit uncomfortable.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tiny cactus.

I am not terribly good with cactus but this tiny fellow had a flower at the market and I had to have it. My dancing ladies orchid is flowering even more. So pleased. The weather has been all over the place, a bit more rain over night. We did manage 2 walks yesterday. Trying to avoid the school leavers who are down in their thousands for the week end. Listening to the sound of distant drums! So glad we are not terribly close to the caravan parks which are full to overflowing. The week end is pretty well controlled now which is good but even so teenagers just out of school can be unpredictable. I have sewing to do.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Horrible day.

It is blowing a gale outside, you can't really tell but the tree over the road is being battered. We walked this morning before the wind and rain but wasn't very pleasant. My poor little front garden had a lovely drink. 7 mm but is now drying out again. The orchids inside are doing well, the moth orchid is really fleeing beautifully ad the oncidium I brought back from the Gold Coast is flowering, such a surprise as I really didn't think it would. So pleased. It has just gone very dark and pouring with rain, and it is really quite cold. More wind, hail and rain for cast for tomorrow too. I have been clothing my little angels and another 5 little bodies are ready to be sewn up. So glad we walked this morning.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Lovely walk this afternoon.

My photo files are a mess but at least I got these up from this afternoons walk on the cliffs. The flies were bad and I keep forgetting to spray myself. Or at least my hat. We saw another sleepy lizard by the path but again it was too fast for me. We had just over 15 mm of glorious rain this morning and it has cooled down a lot. The garden has suddenly perked up. I have been sewing clothes for little bodies. When they are done I am aiming for another 5 and then that should be it. Feeling rather tired after last night, too hot and not very comfortable. I really dont do very well in the hot weather and feel so much better when it has cooled down.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Roses from a friends garden

We had a busy week end several walks but John played with my camera and Picasso and now I can't find my photos. Grr. So these are off my tablet. Saturday night we went to the end of season hay party at the old shearing she'd. Lovely to catch up with people but we didn't stay for very long. I did learn I am to be a great grandmother again.Hoping for a girl this time. I am not sure I can keep up with them all! Yesterday we went to a friends place, for lunch. Lovely food and old friends, she has a lovely garden full of roses and I came home with a few. The smell is divine. Very hot today. We are supposed to have a change to night and they are promising rain. When I see it I wii believe it, it would be lovely to have a decent rain, we are so dry and we have months of summer to come. I am making another batch of small bodies, when they are done perhaps I will ,ake more, they are such fun to do.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The river has broken through to the sea.

These photos are a bit of a muddle as we walked over at Pt Elliot this morning and then around the river tonight. As you can see on the last photo the river had broken through to the sea, it had got higher and higher and then went. There were lots of sea gulls and two pelicans. This morning it was lovely but I did a much bigger walk than I meant to. It was a beautiful day, cool and so pleasant to get out and about. I pulled weeds in the garden but it really is so dry, watering with a hose just doesnt do what a decent rain will do. Overcast and a slight drizzle for most of the day but it didnt amount to anything. Just a beautiful day for living. I have sorted out another 5 doll bodies to be sewn up possibly tomorrow. I am still finishing the 6 I have finally dressed. A lot more to do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A few flowers from the garden.

The sparrows are in my corn flowers, I have never grown them before but they were given to me. Love the colours. First roses from the bush and some geraniums. Have always had flowers in the house and it was really frustrating last year not having flowers to pick.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Yesterdays walk, with snake.

It is really starting to warm up. We had a lovely week end catching up with oldest son who was over from Melbourne to a school reunion. We havent made it to Melbourne for so long and it was just so nice to catch up with him. I miss the Melbourne family, they have a few problems too so it is nice to talk face to face. The cliff walk threw up a surprise, not that I dont expect to see the odd lizard or snake but thankfully John saw it in time to stop me wandering past without seeing it. The browns are not terribly easy to see. Probably came out of the next door paddocks which had just been baled. Summer is about to start with a vengeance, and no decent rain in sight. Today is hot, our morning walk on the beach was a bit short as a hot northerly wind suddenly replaced the very nice southerly. I did find a cowrie which was nice, havent found one for ages. I am still making little angels, dressing them at the moment. to hot to be outside at the moment, not terribly comfortable inside either.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Baling hay by the cliff walk.

Spectacular skies lately. the wind has calmed down and it is warming up. They were baling hay by the cliff top the other day. Lucky to have it as it hasnt been a good season. A very un afraid sea gull by the car yesterday. I have finished all the little bodies I have at the moment, have made a bed up in case our e3ldest son appears today. and did walk this morning. I am back to feeling full of aches, not much fun so taking things a bit slowly. Sick of this getting old c..p. Off to thrive the little petunias I planted the other day. Wish we would have a decent rain.

Friday, November 09, 2018

Little bodies

There are 4 done, but there are more to be made. I usually make something like this to add to my Christmas gifts. There won't be many presents this year as money is tight. Silly little things but they give me pleasure to make. I will make about 10. Then they need to be dressed. We have been walking mostly those photos are on my fb page.

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Busy day

I needed to get the ironing done, which I did so we walked a bit late. The waves were still quite big and coming up the beach in a hurry. I was caught by one and was wet to almost my knees. I am glad it wasnt cold. I have also cleaned up the spare room in case our son needs a bed when we see him, we hope over the week end. Never sure if it will actually happen or not but I hope so. Today was our youngest granddaughters 11th birthday. The time goes so fast, when asked what her parents gave her she said $100 and a chook!! I dont usually post quite as late as this but it was a busy day. I also forgot to watch the Melbourne Cup. Not like me at all. Well off to do some hand sewing.

Friday, November 02, 2018

A bit of this and that..

Not finished but I have been playing and am nearly there. The big zygopetalum orchid is flowering and perfume get the hose.. I am still playing in the last few pages of my pathways and wandering book. Still some more to do. I made the little cocertina book and also made the paint brush with some feathers. Looks too nice to use. Last night was incredible. Thunderstorms flashed and grumbled for most of the night. We had only 5.8mm of rain but I have never heard such almost continuous noise. Now feeling tired. Still warm, windy and sticky. Planted 2 punnets of petunias and maybe I need another punnet, see how they go. Big day tomorrow, a pretty early start to get to the Welsh pony show at Mt Pleasant, have to leave here at 6 am to get there for 8. I think I an manage it.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

A sketch a day.

Another page in my Pathways and Wandering book. One more page to go. I rather liked the blue wren. First hot day for a long time. I am finding it very draining. Should be cooler tomorrow. I don't cope well with the heat.