Wednesday, May 27, 2020

John dug the sweet potatoes yesterday. Some were much larger than expected! I do try not to complain but over the last few days I have hardly been able to move. I had forgotten how much cold weather affects m joints. Our beach walk this morning was more like a scrabble than a walk. It has been cold and overcast all day with the occasional shower of rain. I have struggled with getting the trunk right on my little knitted elephant but I think I have it now. The ears are next. I have a large casserole on in the oven, I like to get a casserole on early these days as if I leave making them too late I can't stand for long. Lots of veg in this one and some meat but not a huge amount. Max the dog is telling me he needs to be fed. He can't get the fact that we have stopped daylight saving and thinks 3 not 4 is feed time. Better do the feeds. Just glad in this cold weather that I no longer have ponies to feed, although I do miss them.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Morning walk

It was freezing cold. We collected some nice shells, 2 cowries and a large cone with a few others. The tides have been all over the place but we had a reasonable tide line and the sea weed wasnt as bad as it has been and we managed quite a long walk after several days of very short ones. I am knitting a sweet little elephant from one of Julie of Little cotton rabbits lovely collection. I needed to do something else with my fingers which are getting very stiff. So no desire to go for a 2nd walk and something a bit different to do. Sometimes I think I am going a bit stir crazy.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Over to Parsons beach.

A very cold and damp day, when we drove over to Parsons the car said 13, 12, 11, 10 degrees and in reverse on the way home. Lovely to be out, the beach was looking fantastic, one brave surfer and a couple of fishermen. The Pages (islands) and Kangaroo Island stood out well but not well enough for my little camera. We stopped by the side of the road on the way home for some photos of the scrub, some magnificent moss,lovely red correa and just a general view of the coastal scrub. I have to confess we havent done a lot today, were up late for us and I am sewing a bit more on my tea towel for India's class. Thinking about getting an elephant pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits to knit, thinking as we have spent a bit of money this month.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Cold and damp with big seas.

Only a short beach walk today, we managed it between showers and it has been pretty damp all day so that was the only walk today. I am quite pleased as this weather makes me ache. I have finished off the little book I am making, it is not terribly good but a sample for another in the future. These succulents are flowering at the moment, I love the starfish shaped flowers but not the smell. They are a stapelia species. Most annoyed as I cant find where I have put a book of knitted animals, I know it is somewhere. I have also spent a bit of time, while looking for that book at a journal I did when we were on a dairy trip to Califoria in 2008 I could never do that now, we seemed to walk miles. and another workbook done in a class with Jean Littlejohn in 2005, what fun that was. I could do with a bit more of that get up and go now. I seem so slow now. Enjoying my walks though they are so much shorter.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

This mornings walk at Petrels Cove

It was freezing cold and damp, but no one else around so we walk on the cliffs. Havent done that for ages as too many people. Most of the sand has gone from the cove and it looks quite uninviting with huge granite boulders. Seems to do this more often these days. I was glad to get back into the car, I dont think we have been as cold as this for a long time. I might have to find some gloves! Trouble with getting cold is that all my joints ache and it takes a while for them to get moving again. We havent had a wet and cold autumn, not winter yet, for a few years. The car said 11 degrees when we left the cove.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

This and that

I have been doing an odd collection of things. I finished my biscournu pin cushion today. I wasn't confident that I knew what I was doing those is a smile. I may do a few more they were fun to do. I have also really enjoyed doing a scribble, isolating bits of it and painting g them in. I liked it so much I wasn't going to do the last bit but I found a twig and some gesso and randomly went over it. Great fun. I have never dyed with I dig and this was my first try at making an indigo vat. I was amazed when this I dig flower appeared. So some lue cloth and a blue handler. Keeping me sane as my back has decided not to like me at all and walking has been difficult. Sometimes I do not enjoy life,but the weather for the last few days has been glorious so really what is there to complain about. Rain is for cast for tomorrow though, but the garden needs it.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Not quite down the rabbit hole

I have had a few bad days. Cold weather and arthritis don't mix well. So a photo of a fun project, the indoor cacti and the little garden outside the front window taken from inside. Off to get some eggs from our daughter. I forgot about them earlier. Nor operating walk today but at least it is an outing. I will be back.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Mother's day flowers

I had a lovely day, daughters brought me flowers, one actually a pot plant, this lovely little doll. Out to lunch, about to have idea for dinner. Phone calls and a delightful time with almost 2 year old Matthew. A walk on the beach, all in all a lovely day.

Friday, May 08, 2020

The Inman River mouth is open

Just a few photos of how the river mouth now looks, we missed the actual break out but was there when it hadnt in the morning and then later in the afternoon it was like this. I am feeling rather off today, not sure why, cant quite get my head around things so I will have a quiet day.

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

The last few days

I have been very slow lately, I think it is the change in the weather and the trip to Adelaide seems to take it out of us these days and it takes time to get over it. Still walking. My lovely camellia debutante has flowered, thank you P for it. it grew so well on the farm for me. Walking has been interesting, huge seas have moved the old banks of sea weed around and deposited new ones, ripped from the bottom onto the beach. Walking has been difficult but we are still managing it. The mouth of the Inman River is still closed, it almost opened the other day but I think we need more rain up in the catchment area. I am not doing a huge amount, sewing, writing, thinking. I do have moments when I feel a bit lost, forgot, well John did and I had to put the rubbish bin out late last night. We had our flu injections this morning, all very efficient and done very quickly. We have been so lucky din South Australia with no new cases of the virus in 12 days, but I worry people may get a bit complacent and I suppose we will suddenly have another outbreak. I seem to worry about things far more than I once did. John has gone off fishing today, I hope they catch fish and have an enjoyable time. I envy them but I suppose we are lucky that at least we can get out and go walking most days.

Friday, May 01, 2020

Wild weather

We went to have a look to see if the mouth of the Inman River had broken out, not quite but the sea was pouring in so perhaps later tonight. Spectacular clouds and very cold and breezy while we walked, and a little bit damp. Made it home and the rain and wind came in again. I love this time of the year, it is so exciting. I am still trying to do 2 online classes, I really can only concentrate on one at a time. They will happen but at the moment the one with a fair amount of hand sewing is the one I go to. We had our house inspection today,John has been madly cleaning as my back keeps going on me. Any way it is done for another 3 months. Adelaide tomorrow for hair cuts but we will nlyt do that and not call in on friend P or my sister, still a bit early for that. Next time I think. I really dont much want to go anywhere except out for our walk. I have lots to keep me occupied.