Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Still winter, cold and wet.

Lots of clouds at the moment, very cold and wet but we are coping. We went over to Waitpinga to look at the coast there, walked on the beach here, looked at clouds. John went to a funeral today and caught up on the news of the valley, another death and a birth. I do miss the farm and the valley. John had to be invited to this funeral so they knew how many people would be there. The virus has made so many things different although here in south Australia we are lucky in no new cases for ages but over the border n Victoria there are more and more cases.So we cant go to see the children over there. Not that I particularly want to go any where at the moment, apart from my walks on the beach. I have nearly finished my little knitted fox, I can see a mistake but this one is staying with me. Just his clothes to finish.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Morning walk, the Inman River has a new exit.

We walked this morning as there had been quite a lot of rain over the last day or so and the Inman River has quite an almost cliff like bank as it has wound its way to the sea. Last year it was on the near side, this year it is winding towards the off. It was flowing quite fast. We had been to Adelaide yesterday for hair cuts and to see my sister and a friend. It was quite a nice morning but on the way home the heavens opened and we could hardly see. Interesting times. We havent had a cold or wet winter like this one for several years. The winter solstice today, Look forward to a few slightly longer days soon.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The sun was out.

A lovely walk over at Pt Elliot today, there was a seal by the breakwater but we didnt see any whales. A lovely walk with the sun shining, after all those grey days it was quite uplifting and I felt a lot better.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

More walking

On the cliffs again, the waves were pouring in and breaking with great crashing sounds. I am struggling to walk far as my body is not liking me but it is lovely when I get out into the fresh air. The washing is still sitting on the line although we have finally got the dryer working, I havent used it for 2 years as the winters have been so mild, but it has been overcast and drizzly for days and not drying weather. I am still knitting my little fox, not much more to do and then sew him up, that is always a bit of a trial as my eyes are not brilliant. The dog and cat are having a great time at the moment, feed us, feed us and they are still about an hour out from feeding time. Seems to take longer and longer for them to get used to non daylight saving.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Rough seas this morning

A northerly wind sending waves back on themselves. Quite spectacular. The mouth of the Inman looked blocked up again but some water was getting out and some getting in. It has not been consistent this year. I am aching and feeling a bit off, probably the weather, I like a bit of sunshine and I do wish the body wouldnt ache. I havent finished knitting the 2nd foxs leg yet, my fingers/ hands dont really like knitting for too long which is annoying.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Cold and damp. oh and windy as well

Winter is really with us. I took the first photo this morning on our beach walk and the others yesterday about 4pm at the Kings Beach car park. No walk yesterdat but a short one between showers today. I have finished the foxs body and knitted one of his legs. I have to concentrate on the legs.

Friday, June 12, 2020

A few days walks

The mornings have been so cold I havent wanted to move much so on the whole we have been having mid afternoon walks, except when it clouds over and gets cold again! The dismembered shark was over at Pt Elliot, at least it had been used for something. Today we were told there had been a large dead seal on the beach we usually walk on but we have been else where. John said while they were fishing they saw a big seal with a gash on its side on West Island so it may have been that. A large shark attack maybe, They are always around. Lots of rocks on the beach at Petrels this morning, amazing how the sand comes and goes. The Inman River mouth has moved too. Winter storms make a difference. We didnt walk yesterday as it was about 1 degree in the morning, a good frost and I really felt a bit off, unfortunately that is what happens these days. The old dont much like cold weather, it attacks our joints. I am supposed to be knitting my foxes ears I have done one but find them rather fiddly and I need to be able to see so I need to do them early afternoon. I fell asleep instead!Maybe tomorrow, although I think it is going to rain and be windy.We have been going through my old diaries and maps and photos from our trip in 1999 as John is going back to some of the research he has been doing into his mothers family, the Cloggs who lived near Duloe in Cornwall. We did an awful lot in that trip I couldnt do it now. I started in San Francisco in late September, John later joined me, we flew to London, about a week in UK, then G\France, Germany, Japan and home on the 1st of November. Had my 60th somewhere in the middle. A brilliant trip but oh boy.

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

My little knitted elephant

I have finally finished my little elephant. One of little cotton rabies clever designs. Look up her website and if you are a knitter there are lots of treasures there. Easily followed and knitted flat and then sewn up. Even my arthritic managed it, slowly. The one with her dress on she is cuddling up to two of the Jill Maas pattern birds. Now to have a go at the Fox. I have ,ade her nears and rabbits before.very cold this morning but I don't think we had a frost, about 2 degrees by the back door. We had a longer walk this morning, a lower tide and no one on the beach so we could walk further. Overcast but a bit of welcome sun.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Not happy

It is a long week end and the town is full of people but finding some where to walk has not been easy. I think it is all very well these people coming down, and going to demonstrations and not sue what the outcome will be. I feel sad and frustrated. We have managed some walks but on the whole only short ones. We have seen whales and that is lovely but I feel not myself. It has been so cold although we have had some sun but it gets dark so early.I want to see family, I want to sit and drink wine and chat with friends. If this virus gets going again and it may, how long will this be going on for. Shouldnt feel like this but every so often I do. I am knitting, have just finished a tiny elephant and now her dress. Not quite done but although my fingers make me slow these days and I cant see terribly well it has been fun. Photos when I have finally finished the dress, needs sewing up.So th3re is my moan for the day. A word of advice, dont get old.

Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Photos from the last day or so. Our walk this morning was ok but the tide was high and we had to get up a bank on the fordune and go across instead of going back along the beach. Yesterday morning we were caught in a heavy rain storm, with to add insult to injury hail. Back to the car soaked and very cold. In the late afternoon yesterday we went along to the Kings beach car park, and it poured just as we arrived. I had taken the wrong wet weather gear so I didnt walk but John had a short one. It is cold, wet and windy, although some sun this morning then the odd shower of rain again. Just when I thought the towels were dry another burst of rain. I suppose they will dry eventually. I like winter but I dont much like getting wet and cold. I am still knitting my little elephant, still have one and a half arms to do and his/her tail. Then to think about clothes I love doing these Little cotton Rabbit knits, they are small and relatively simple. They get given away very quickly.