Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Finally a post

Every time I have gone to post on my blog in the last few days either John has been having a 'nana' nap so I cant get to my computer, or I am tired or... you probably know how it all goes. I have been reasonably busy, I bought a wrap around apron a few months ago and the other day I cut out a pattern and today the prototype went together. i had this piece of batik sarong that I have had for ages and thought it would make a good place to start, wont show too much of whatever I throw at it. I think it fits but I am having a lot of trouble with my shoulder over the last day or so and getting into it this afternoon after I finished hemming it hasnt been an option, tomorrow morning I think. Sewing on my machine is proving to be a bit of a problem with my shoulder, but I am perservering. Those wonderful lilies are from my garden, they have been lovely this year, I dont have many and I think the white one is still in a pot, the pink is in the garden proper, just love them. I have been making pears, the aim is to make 20, but I wonder if I will stick to it for that long, they take me a bout a day in odd moments to make. The little bird house I bought on Kangaroo Island, made by Wendy of Rustic birdhouses, I love them, this year I bought two, I dont know if she has a website but I must go looking. The painting is also a Kangaroo Island buy, by Branka Gregor, and I love the movement of it. We have been walking, it has been odd weather, wind, warm, cool bit of drizzle, wind but so far no heat to speak of, although that is coming at the end of the week apparently. We celebrated our friend D'arry Osborne's 88th birthday on the 27th with a lovely lunch at the winery in McLaren Vale, the numbers of friends are dwindling but it was still a great party with fantastic food. John, Alex and D'arry went fishing the next day and came in with a nice amount of fish some of which we will be having for dinner tonight. New Years Eve tomorrow, we are off to dinner with friends which is always a nice way to celebrate. Hope 2015 is a good year.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

The Christmas dragon and his rider have taken up residence by the (cold) fire and the red gladiolus from the vegetable garden make a lovely bit of color in the corner of the sitting room next to the house elf. Time to sing the Christmas carols and ballads and mourn Joe Cocker. Tomorrow, 40 years since cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin, I remember listening to the wireless details in horror that day. Christmas fires a few days after Sarah was born, I was in hospital, John fighting them and my mother at home with our first child in a panic, she didn't drive, oh what a time that was. Memories of a house full of children and peace on Kangaroo Island, so many memories. May all who read this blog have a very Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year, full of wonderful surprises.

Monday, December 22, 2014

We are home

We came home on Saturday and I haven't stopped since then. Packing up the house, the ferry trip, calm thank goodness, unpacking and getting it all away, John went fishing yesterday and came home terribly tired but it was his birthday after all. I went in to the madhouse of the town early, a wise thing to do, remembered most things I needed and washed and tidied. This morning, more washing, John collected the cat, and I managed to get a few decorations up. I am not doing a tree as it is only us, but have got out a few favorites and found some lovely red gladiolus that I have put in with some Holly and it looks quite festive. I have wrapped all the presents, finally, and that is always rather tiring as I look for things I had put away through the year. It has tried to rain, nothing more than a few drops, but is mild and overcast. So a couple of not so good photos of q few of the decorations. My tablet doesn't always take brilliant photos. I may not post for a day or so as we go to town tomorrow, and a birthday lunch the next day.

Friday, December 19, 2014


I have been quietly hand sewing. I saw these pears on the net and am playing with shapes and ideas, it has been fun and this is what I have come up with so far. A few more ideas in the pipe line.We head over the passage and home tomorrow.A lovely walk, a catch up with our son and out to the pub for dinner tonight. I will repor in, I hope, tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vivonne Bay K I

We went over to Vivonne Bay the other day, I hadnt been for a few years and had forgotten how interesting it all was, some incredible rock formations outside the bay and fascinating flora along the track we walked, boats were unloading on the jetty, possibly cray fish for some lucky people for Christmas. today we went down to Pennington Bay and John fished and I walked, he got three sea salmon, dinner tonight. We have been busy, 10 mugs of pate made yesterday and I am on the 4th Christmas cake. People in for drinks last night, very dear friends, and again tonight. I am off for a nanna nap while I can!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yesterday on the Island

I am afraid we have been very slack, perhaps we are getting old! It was hot and we set off early to get some of the lovely local olive oil, I like the 'wild' olive oil the best. Then we headed down the road to see Bernard of the Stonor Gallery he makes the most fabulous glass, and is having such fun, he gets bored with the same old stuff, wonderful marbles, I bought one and a couple of new pendants. I had classes with Bernard years ago making beads, he doesnt make many of those any more. A date for a drink here, dug some garlic, a swap for Johns pate, looked at the garden and saw the striated pardalotes who were nesting in boxes by the verandah and got quite cross with us being there when they had beaks full to feed babies. Photo? I was too interested in them and forgot! Then on up the hill to see Indie and Lynda, always a fascinating place to visit, Indie's found object sculptures are fantastic, I have a couple of small ones bought over the year, and Lynda's hats, three came home with me this time, they are brilliant, no two alike, her materials are often recycled with odd secret pockets in them, they will come for drinks too. Their studio is always an evolving piece, more things added and all recycled. My sort of people. We came home via the Baudin Beach art gallery where I bought a small painting of yachts by Branka Gregor who I have known for ages, never bought a painting, but I could afford this and it is small enough to find room for on my walls. We came home, had a sea food salad for lunch and then had a nanna nap!! I have done a bit with my blobanimal book but am not getting far, but the local Christmas cards are now done, just need to be posted. Whew, but no walk. Maybe today although we are planning on a drive and lunch and I am making the first of the cakes when we get back, the fruit is soaking in brandy at the moment.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Here we are on Kangaroo Island

We were up at 5 am, loaded the ute and off to catch the ferry, I could see broken waves on the sea as we came down the hill and out came the dramamine ! We did quite a bit of rock and rolling but as I always rug up and sit outside I was fine. The older we get the more tiring it all becomes and getting all the gear into the house and put away is a major operation, so after a late lunch a nana nap was in order. I always set up a small work area in a corner of the billiard room, sounds grand UT really it is just a long room that fits a3/4 table. John has been on the computer for most of the day doing what ? paying Accounts! It never stops.I have just heard on Facebook that my grand daughter Fenella has broken down on the Hay Plains on her way to her new job in NEW, poor child I hope all is well. I have started to do my blog animal online class with Carla Sonheim, which is going to be fun while I am here, paper painted and blobby animals found so far. Looking out over the beach you can see how rough it is, I think I have done enough exercise for today. Poor Max didn't want us to go this morning, he knew something was up and when I went to put him away was going to have none of it, he is looked after well while we are away but still doesn't think it fair that he can't come too. Off to work out how to cook a marinated half Chicken! Hope the oven works.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two walks

It has been cool, humid, warm and wet, all in one day. Over at Pt Elliot the boulders and scree area are covered in flowers. I can never make up my mind but I think it is a tiny statice, not thrift, every where there is a purple haze, double click to enlarge. On our way back to the car after walking around the edge of the bay the New Zealand Christmas trees were flowering and loving this type of place. Sorry, that doesnt sound like a very good sentence. I have been so busy today and we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate Fenella getting through and to say goodbye as she is about to start on her new life as a vet. I have made a potato salad for the dinner, and also made biscotti to take away, begun gathering 'stuff' to take, as we will be making both the Christmas cakes and the pate over there there is a bit to take, as well as the bread maker! We walked the cliffs this morning but not far as suddenly the rain came in, most of my photos had rain spots on them. I am not sure what the succulent is that has these reddish coloured seed heads but they look quite spectacular. Yesterday I got together all the cards to go overseas, sorted out a parcel that must be sent and I am taking the local cards with me to do on the Island. Suddenly there is so much to do and I feel rather tired! Of course it is always difficult to work out what to take as it could be cold, wet or stinking hot, just so nice to have had over 9 mm of rain so far today, helps the garden and makes sure we will have, enough rain water to see us through, we hope. I may not post tomorrow, so the next one should be from the Island, bliss.

Monday, December 08, 2014

Two fun dolls

In between making cushions and things I made these two little dolls. I had some rusted cotton which to me looked like a fun thing to use. A small distraction I to the lead up to our trip to kangaroo Island on, eeek, Friday! I like making these fun dolls. Our weather is cool and damp, lovely.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

a busy week

We went up to Adelaide for the night on Wednesday and my friend P and I went to look at a few art galleries and this photo was taken at what was the old Glenside Mental Hospital, now being re developed (!) by the government. This photo shows what is now the central school of arts gallery building and I think but I could well be wrong part of the building being used as film studios. Coming home we called into McLaren Vale for some wine and I took this shot of the vines growing fantastically as we drove home. I am not sure how well you can see the cushions I have made, double click and they may enlarge, I have made six and am not doing any more, I have also made 2 bags for Mason and Millie, same trees on the front, different background material I am not showing those as they are full of 'stuff'! I have also made a heap of Christmas themed flowers on tags to add to presents. I think I have finished sewing and I dont really want to make any more but I suppose I could get bored and head off into some more. I need to get my head around going to Kangaroo Island on Friday and what I need to take. I am doing two of Carla Sonheim's on line classes, Junk mail books which I have done before and I would like to play with again and Blogimal books which I havent done before and look like fun. I hope to play with those while I am away so need to get all my supplies together. We have a very sick foal at the moment, not sure what the outcome will be but he is blind but at least is now able to find his mother and drink from her and eating her food as well, they are stabled. He has had some head trauma which may or maynot come good, we think he may have been frightened in the thunderstorm we had a few nights ago and run into either a tree or a post. Thank goodness oldest grand daughter Fenella has just completed her vet course and is now Doctor Fenella B..... as her mother is away and she is doing a great job looking after him.I am so proud of her. I am really getting too old for all of this and my shoulder wont let me do the physical stuff any more.Cool and damp and windy at the moment, better than the heat and humidity we have been having. It was really great to go to Adelaide and see some of the lovely stuff in the galleries we visited, P is good value when it comes to carting me around when I am in town these days.

Monday, December 01, 2014


Yesterday we were up early to walk as there were going to be a lot of road closures due to a triathlon being run around our usual walking spots, so we went over to the cliffs near Petrel's Cove, it was hot even then, slow rollers coming in to the coast and a tree dragon sunning himself on a rock, I havent seen one of these little fellows for ages, when I was a child I had one for a pet, nicer to see them in the wild, although the number of walkers and dogs on this track worry me, we saw a sleepy lizard on the way back but my photo wasnt very good as he shot off into the grass. This morning was another reasonably early walk, much cooler and the sky was overcast. The beach was different too, amazing how a day can make such a difference, higher tide, more slope, more sea weed and fewer shells. I seem to be aching today, the change in the weather I suppose. Does any one who reads my blog know where I can access some second hand French linen sheets, I know they seem to be available at markets in France, but as I cant get there, and I really would like one to use in my sewing, thinking of a wrap around apron, just dont want to spend a fortune, actually I cant afford to any way. Love to hear if any one can help.