Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Kings Beach yesterday.

My back/hip are killing me. I am obviously into my winter aches. We haven't had much rain and the nights have been cold, down to 1 degree the other nights. I am trying to do some doll making and have started on a short week long course of painting. I will give it a try but am not sure about doing abstracts. Crawling around is not much fun. Still I have made a casserole which is in the oven for tonight and I am sure it will last for tomorrow as well. Our haircuts will be on Friday then on Saturday it is small Nathan ( great grand child) 2nd birthday. How time flies. I look forward to seeing them all. John cut back the sage bushes that the honey eaters love and they are not pleased! For this online class I have tidied up my outside painting table and gesso ed two large sheets of watercolour paper. Not being sure what we are doing is rather interesting but I have plenty of paper etc.

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