Saturday, November 11, 2023

Not a lot to say

I find I am using Facebook far more these days and my blog has been sadly neglected. I am having lots of health problems and at 84 this is not easy. My diabetic sugar levels have not been good and trying to get them under control have been rather a nightmare, not helped that one of the medications I was on has been unobtainable, this threw so uch out of balance. My arthritis is not brilliant either and my walking has been restricted too, I can now only manage about half an hour and about more than that in recovery time. This year we have had two weddings, grand daughters. I sit and sew and knit, read and ache! Lost my sister, I am now the only one left and I miss my phone calls. John is still my rock, and these days my carer. We moved into another rental and although rather elderly and worn we were lucky to get it. The world is not an easy place to live in, covid is still here, we so far have avoided it but I don't shop much, we have it delivered. Money is tight but the highlight will be a few days on Kangaroo Island at the end of the month. I do so look forward to that. My garden in pots has been a delight, it is so lovely to have a few cheerful flowers, well let's see if I can get back to blogging a bit quicker next time.

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