Saturday, November 13, 2021

A cold few days

George has spent a lot of time snoozing on his chair. We tend to add more clothes, it is almost summer and 12 to 16 degrees has been the norm. Really windy with rough seas, walks have been intermittent with John finding the wind difficult on his face. They say it will be 6 weeks before it is fully repaired. I have been having a lovely time gathering flowers from the garden,, the pink rose is a carpet rose that has lots of flowers and bits of sage of many colours plus other flowers make up my posy. They are in a mug I love that we made in one of our visits to Yasuka village in Japan how long ago was that? At least 20 years ago. I am finding that now I am 82 I Am so much slower, annoying but part of the ageing process I suppose. I am a bit like George! Still hand sewing, I have nearly finished my birds and have started knitting another rabbit, I thought I had stopped knitting with summer approaching but it is so cold I got the needles out again. I have been a bit hit and miss with my blogging, I tend to put more on Facebook these days but feel my blog is important too. So many people I have met through it over the years. Enough of my waffle off to make a curry for dinner.

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