Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finally a morning walk

 It has been a lovely day, in to the market early, and then a walk along the cliffs and to the beach from Petrels Cove, surfers, rolling waves and a seal foraging around the edges of the underwater rocks. Also a young seagull, watching.
Lots of lovely rock shapes and tidal pools.
Click twice to see.
It was magic and we then had a coffee afterwards.
Home and I am still potting up stuff, I am getting there, and I also managed to sew up the centre of the shade cloth I want to put over the paved area, it gets so hot in summer.
I drove over to see Tab and the children and she took me around to look at the Cobs. All the brood mares look about ready to burst.
She tells me they are mostly late this year, and so are ours.
Off to walk Max and feed the chooks.
I hope every one is having a great week end.


Julie said...

Your walks at the sea always make me long to go over to our Atlantic Ocean beaches and roam as you do to see such delights. Maybe I will do it now that the weather is cooling down!
You have so much happening there with the animals, and sea, family and art/sewing, etc. You amaze me with all you get done!!!
xoxo- Julie

Hildred said...

Couldn't access your picture, Penny, but your words describe your walk beautifully. Indeed, a lovely day.