Monday, April 16, 2012

Part of my day

I walked over to see how much water was in the dam this morning, it was cool and a bit misty. We are getting very dry again, I do get a bit sick of waiting for the break in the season at this time of the year.
Max found a delicious cow pat to eat.
We have been having interesting clouds and this is the valley from a different direction.
Our big Welsh Cob stallion has been moved into a paddock from his summer yard, all very well but there are two delicious looking fillies over the double electric fence!
I had to go in to do some shopping so we decided to walk around the bottom of the Bluff, forgetting it was school holidays, but you can see how misty it was this morning, and at the end of the road, where there was quite a bit of confusion as a car and campervan came along and there was no room to turn around. There is a sign saying not to but there is always some one!
Any way there I found this young tern who wasnt terribly afraid of all the children who were fishing there.
I have been busy but still having a few down moments, which is understandable.
Again thank you to all those who have sent lovely comments and encouraging words. I think it is times like this that you actually realise there are people out there who read my blog and who care.
(dont forget to click to enlarge any of the photos.)

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ArtPropelled said...

I'm smiling about the delicious cow patty because we took Digby for a long walk on farmlands this morning and he helped himself to several fresh cow patties.

annie said...

Yes, Dogs love their yummies in a big way...Lovely photos as always...Yes, Penny, though we don't comment often, many many of us read your blog and love it. And we care for all of you very much.

Catch a hug from Texas!


Hildred said...

Love your photos, Penny - time heals but so often there are little jabs of pain as we recover from sadness. Be happy....

Wanda..... said...

Looks to have been a day of lovely weather, Penny...a little something to appreciate during such sadness. Just 20 minutes ago, we received news of the passing of my husband's sister. It was anticipated, a prolonged illness.