Sunday, December 09, 2012

Northern territory Diary finished

I didnt want to bore you with page after page so these are a random few, It has been hot and finally I decided that I needed to finish off my diary and took off a heap of photos, in doing so I found I needed another group of pages so yesterday I made another set of 20, an interesting task working out where to put them but they did fit in well at the back and have made the book a better shape. Then began the task of gluing in my photos and writing captions. As you can see I did have good intentions of doing lots of paint and I did do some but not as much as I had hoped.The yellow paper at the back with a scrunched up look is an envelope full of maps and information.
It was such a lovely trip and I keep thinking of it with lots of fond memories and now I have finished the book it is easier to go back and remember.
Cool and dampish today, after a few days of horrid heat.
Hoses are on in the garden and of course my joints are not likeing me. the worry is it is a few new ones.
Off for a bit of Christmas cheer, drinks with our local MP and then lunch with friends, should be fun if I can cope with not drinking!!
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ArtPropelled said...

I've never made a journal for a trip but it's such a lovely idea. It must have been fun collecting bits and pieces on the trip specifically for the journal.

Barry said...

P-love the look of that journal. What a splendid record and memory jogger. I wish I were that disciplined. Go well. B