Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Bush and grevillia robusta.

 The Christmas bush (bursaria spinosa) is a local to this area, It is a lovely addition to the summer browns. I photographed these yesterday as I had to take a detour and come in to the valley the back way due to an accident between Victor Harbor and the turn off to the valley. It was a great opportunity to take photos on the slow, unmade road home.
The grevillia came up in a tiny pot of a cactus I bought years ago on a stall, repotted it  and it is now several meters tall, it flowers at this time much to the delight of the honey eating birds and possums. A close up of the flowers and a shot through some of the shrubbery that it lives in in the garden near the house.
I have spent most of the last few days wrapping presents, most of that is now done and we have even delivered some.
It is warm and muggy but we had some very welcome rain, probably not much but it did vindicate John blowing out the gutters, and it was slow gentle, steady rain for a couple of hours.
I am now taking stock of what I have and havent got and will begin making biscuits tomorrow when it is supposed to be cooler.
I think John may be going fishing.
Such a relief not having to water even for just a day.

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Robin Mac said...

I love the flowers Penny, perhaps it was a good thing you had to come home this way. You are much more organised for Christmas than I am. Once we have held Carols in the Gardens tonight (in lovely fine weather), I will collect myself and get sorted. Cheers