Monday, December 03, 2012

I am tired

After how ever many days of doing feeds and throwing hay to ponies I am aching all over.
The weather has changed so it may be that my arthritis is also playing up.
So today I feel rather as if a large and heavy bus has run over me.
In the morning yesterday as I got half way around I had a flat tyre on the old toyota, thank heaven this time I had remembered to take my phone with me.
I finally finished the feeds and then there was a mad scramble to go out to lunch with friends.
an absolutely lovely lunch and a very enjoyable afternoon.
In between I have been playing with a few things, I think the little Santa will go in Masons Christmas presents to go on his tree, I played with the fun one from an old book I found with this little bright angel designed by Salli Lampi, I think I will make a few more of these,(whoops she has disappeared, may be tomorrow!) and finally a heart cut from copper, with rather more embossing stuff on than I meant but thats all right with a metal bow put on its the stuff that is sort of knitted and comes in a tube, Dale from The Thread Studio sent some this month for her POM, (product of the month). I dont seem to be able to connect to her site at the moment but look it up on google.
Better go, I have people here who think they can tell us how to make things profitable, that would be nice but I dont quite know how. Been there, done that!
Farming is always a gamble and the way the weather is looks more dreadful by the minute.
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ArtPropelled said...

Nothing worse than being stranded without your cell phone.... glad you had yours when you needed it. Hope you are feeling better by tomorrow. Santa is looking very jolly!

Julie said...

Sorry for your feeling like you were run over by a truck+ the flat tire!!!!! Good grief!
Hang tight....this too shall pass.....
Love the cute little Santa!!!!!