Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Its beginning to feel like Christmas

 I am not doing much here for Christmas as we will be away, but a few favorites had to come out, the wreaths are not yet on the doors as we need to blow out the gutters, in the hope of rain, today its terribly hot and muggy but no rain. We got up to 37 C, 100 in the old temperatures and it wasnt/isnt nice.
I decorate a tree etc when we get over to the Island, which is a week away, but I have got them out of the cupboard and they are ready to go.
This was the last of the 5 cakes I have baked, I still have to do some biscuits and John is out slaving over a hot stove making the pate. He had to go miles to get the chicken livers which was annoying but he was near Adelaide so it wasnt too bad.
There is talk of thunderstorms but I think they are more likely to be north of Adelaide.
To morrow I will start wrapping presents and sorting out what I have and what I still need to get..
I dont think I will be sending out Christmas cards this year, perhaps a letter as in this heat it is all I can do to get up early, turn on hoses, walk around the mare and stallion paddocks and retreat to the sort of cool of the house.
I am still sewing little angels.
I hope your plans are going well for this festive season.
Oh, I notice I didnt get an invite to Julia's (our PM) bloggers get together yesterday in Sydney, too old and not influential enough I suppose! Then I dont follow the mother blogs, been there (motherhood) done that and in a much more difficult era.
Oops shouldnt get political. None of them are interested in helping old farmers who cant afford to retire.
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Wanda..... said...

Your Christmas decor is very festive....I have the exact little red drum with a golden string on my tree!

ArtPropelled said...

That Christmas cake is making my mouth water!

Julie said...

What a cake!!! Only a farm gal could make one that gorgeous!!!

It seems the older I get the less Christmas I want to do. It is another of the "been there, done that"s for me! I just want to relax. You are doing so much, and it looks like you will have a wonderful holiday, Penny!!!

Robin Mac said...

I sent out Christmas cards, but I have dipped out on 'proper' Christmas presents this year - they are all getting gift cards to buy their own, I simply can't think what to but for them and the young ones much prefer the cash anyway! Have a lovely holiday over on the Island, we will be in Buderim so I am not decorating here at all. Cheers