Sunday, March 22, 2020

The last few days

I have been quite unsettled over the last few days. I think it is the feeling of being a bit isolated and shut away. Thank goodness for our walks, although my back has been killing me. Oh dear I cant remember what order I put these up, but there were crabs on the beach the other day, dead but rather interesting looking, a common rock crab and I think a type of spider crab. This morning we went over to Parsons Beach and walked along the cliffs. Not a terribly good path as a lot of odd rocks but I did manage it with my stick and didnt fall over. Lovely clouds and the big sandy beach, more fishermen than surfers this morning. Oh and some leaves I picked to sketch, I have a few sketch book pages done but I will put them up another day. I think the first few were of our normal beach walk at the bay. It has been lovely to get out and about and in the fresh air. I am not sure how we are going to manage 6 months of this but thank goodness for my kindle and lots of not too expensive books and I have been re reading some of my older ones on there. I think I will have lots of free online classes ahead of me too. I just have to get my body working. Yesterday I pulled a heap of plants out of my garden as they were looking very tired. Only trouble is it is not good for my aged back. I couldnt believe how dry the garden was. We had a whole 0.6 mm of rain overnight but it really didnt make much of an impression. Enjoy our walks.


Ellen D. said...

I enjoy your walks very much. Completely different to my neighborhood!! Looking forward to seeing your sketches! Thanks so much for sharing!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Well, like just about everywhere on earth we are under a Shelter In Place order so life is on hold. It would be so much easier to take if only it would stop snowing and warm up. But I admit I have no desire to go out and clean up the yard from winter debris. One day at a time and hopefully we will blink and it will be over, just each day flies by.

Stay well.
xx, Carol

Barry said...

P - stunning photo of the light on the water. Unsettling times alright and it has really only begun - good that we are creative types. B