Tuesday, May 04, 2021

garden and sea

On Sunday John took me to Echunga for our Welsh foal show. Our foals were not the judges choice but that is the way it goes. We came home the long way getting petrol in Mt Barker and back through Strathalbyn. The country out that way was looking very dry. Then we had a bit of rain yesterday, not much but every bit helps, we had a short walk along the cliffs and then over to the Kings Beach car park, trying to get the dirt washed off the car in the rain. I seem to get tired very easily at the moment. I did do a quick shop this morning. I needed some black tops as mine have all gone an off black colour. I tend to wear a lot of black. Any way I found three at a reasonable price. I really don't like shopping for clothes as these days I am a very odd shape.Home feeling rather tired.

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Ellen D. said...

That was a busy day so it is no surprise that you are tired. Glad you got to walk on the cliffs and do some shopping. Now that the weather is warming up here, I am not sure what to wear anymore. The weather is so changeable so I am either too chilly or too warm! Don't have to be anywhere so it doesn't matter really!
Hope you feel well and enjoy your lovely sea!