Friday, June 19, 2015

A few days walks and a bit of stitchery

Sorry this is another collage but I havent felt 100% over the last few days, I hit my shoulder accidently and that has put things back a bit. We have managed to walk most days but today. I tend to think that shopping is a walk! Probably not true but it takes longer and I am pretty tired after it all. Yesterday was cold and wild and windy on the cliffs. We managed a walk on the beach the day before but its not easy getting the tide right and finding our way through the sea weed that is collecting n the beach. John wasnt feeling well the day before so we had a short walk along the bike track near the mouth of the Inman River and I managed to photograph this lovely little male blue wren. Here at home they seem to not stay still for as long or let me get quite so close at the moment. New neighbours who have cats and wander, he was pretty old, A kitten in January 2000 and here they have a habit of just going away somewhere to die and not tell you that it is going to happen, even if he was a mostly indoor cat. I feel sad and miss him but he has certainly been losing weight and being very fussy about his food. I think he has made his own decision.


Hildred said...

Ah, but such a lovely collage! So sorry about your cat, - they get to be so much an unconscious part of our lives, and we do miss them when it is time to part.

Barry said...

Hi P - never tire of your walks - such a bright clear day. B

virginia said...

Are you talking about Oscar, Pen? If so Im very sorry to hear about it. Although I thought he was the same age as Nino, who was born in August 2001 and who is still going strong.

We have foxes in the garden. We had four of them the other night, but mostly it is usually only two or even one. They are so pretty. Young cubs!

Lots of love,