Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What to do.

We are in lock down again and it is all rather depressing. I think we can just drive down to the beach for our walk if not it will be around the block which won't please John. On top of that I have just heard that a very old friend who now lives in Germany but I have known since we were babies has had a bad stroke, we have stayed in contact for all those years , going back and forth but are now to old to travel. She lost her husband earlier this year and quite honestly if it was me I would not want to keep on living. Another dear friend in the UK has just died. Met through ponies and she stayed with me and then John and I stayed with heron our last trip to the UK. So sad so far away, she fed John the best whiskey. Now we are locked in for a week I think my age is showing as normally,y this would not worry me. Freezing cold, wild weather too. I was going to colour these mad birds with water color but the paper I used, from an old calender would not hold the paint so I am going to use markers instead. A lot of fun doing them. There were people. Pelicans sheltering up the river when we walked to look at the river this morning. Then the wild water around the mouth. Trying to keep occupied. I do wish people would be sensible with this virus. It is raining again a d the trees over the road are being tossed about madly by the wind.

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Ellen D. said...

Oh, I love your crazy birds! All those little spaces to color in will be great fun. I hope you post a picture when you are finished. That is a nice way to keep busy while you are stuck at home.
Sorry to hear about your friends. Getting old is not easy.