Monday, February 17, 2020

More beach walks

Amazing what you find on the beach, sometimes even a husband. Some days there is very little but others there is more of interest. These large jellyfish have started to appear, the odd dead bird, not sure a mutton bird perhaps, a lovely little box fish, loved it when we were diving and they come and pear into your face mask, sad to see this pretty little one dead. Glad I am not swimming with these large jellyfish are around. On one beach they were mostly smashed up by the waves. We have had lovely clouds and this morning a very calm sea, lots of boats out fishing, I wonder if the tuna is still around as these were unusual for a Monday morning. Warming up as we walked, we were glad to get back inside. I am sewing quietly, my daily, but way behind, daily practice from my India Flint workshop.Exciting times ahead.

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