Saturday, June 03, 2017

Another short walk

I think, hope, I am getting over this wretched cold. I have my cataract op next Friday so hope I am over the cough by then. I havent felt like this for ages and ages. I just dont get colds! We had a short walk this morning after going in to the market, not my usual walk but it was sunnty and lovely on the beach with a slow gentle murmur of small waves. Very cold this morning, another frost. People out to look at the property (and the house) not expecting much.


Michael said...

My belief with colds is that when you have a lot to do they will appear. Sad to hear you´re selling, but I suppose it is tiering to manage a big farm and you´re not getting younger. We are also planning to sell but not in a hurry. Sweden is experiens draughts which I never thought I´d live to see. The norht is cold with snow and here in the south we have hot weather and no rain. The last days have produced some rain but not enough. Hope you soon will feel better! love Ingrid

Down by the sea said...

It looks so calm and beautiful along your coast. It is wild and windy here and I thought it was meant to be summer here. I hope you are feeling better with your cold and good luck for your operation on Friday. Sarah x

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I'll be interested to know your experience with having the eye surgery. I have been told I have one developing on my left eye, but my vision does not seem to be getting worse since I was told that a year ago. How long was it from the time you were diagnosed to now, when you will be having the procedure? I'll be having another exam sometime this year, probably. But I just wonder how it went for you.
xx, Carol