Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Over Easter

I should not moan but this Easter was a bit up and down. Over to Pt Willunga for a lovely lunch with friend P and her family on Friday, it was over 30 degrees and as we drove past the beaches they were packed. As well as some food I took this bunch of the last hydrangeas who had turned this incredible colour. I am not sure if it was a reaction to my first covid vaccine but I have been feeling terribly tired, we both got home and had to have a rest. We did manage to walk most mornings as the weather was beautiful and the tide low, So many people around for the long week end. We drove out to Kings beach and I took photos. Another lovely day on Sunday, lunch with family but home early for a rest. Not sure if the morning walks are tiring me out,but such a treat to see people. Yesterday I made another little concertina book and did a bit more painting. Trying to catch up with lessons I didn't do in Sketchbook revival. So sad I only have a few more days to get back into it. The weather has been incredible, almost back to summer and even today, which is supposed to be cooler is sunny and I have the fan on. This front room is a lovely sun trap. Now daylight saving is over (why would you end it half way through Easter?) Poor old Max, the dog, who I think is getting a bit dotty now tells me he should be fed at 3pm instead of 4 and barks, luckily so far the neighbours havent complained.

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