Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fabric vessel

I found a tutorial in the Feb/March Quilting arts by Leilani Pierson the other day and had a fun couple of days coverting a piece of commercial material that I dont think I will ever use into something that was fun to do.
The first photo shows a bit of the original cotton before I painted it, played with swirls with water soluable oil sticks, put some organza on top, quilted it, then burnt the organza back. Cut it into shapes, sewed them back together and then embellished it with stitch and made a tiny vessel out of it. The lining is not a piece I played with, it is a commercial fabric.
It kept me entertained off and on for a few days.
I had my MRI today but have not got the results back yet, not until Tuesday, although I do have the photos and they look pretty weird! It was an interesting experience.
Still damp, not really much rain and I did manage to pull a few weeds this morning and cant get over how dry the soil is. Of course on top of that I broke off the hose connector on that particular tap so I will need to get a new one. That connector was so old I wonder if the new fittings will fit the tap?


Doreen G said...

The vessel is lovely Penny--we have had rain all day here -not heavy but continual so it will build up in the dams.

Wanda..... said...

What a lovely, lovely creation, Penny. It could hold a nice vase of flowers or just stand on it's own!

I can imagine comfotable pair of 'house boots' made in the same way.

Robin Mac said...

What fun Penny,lovely use for the fabric. Sun is finally shining here - for the moment anyway. Cheers, Robin

shirley said...

Penny you have done a great job with your little vessel.
It is gorgeous.

Hope your MRI results are good....Had a ct scan of my head recently too, and even though they look weird at least we can say we can see there is a brain there.

Wish the rain would go away for a while here.

Karen said...

Interesting what you've done with all the bits to make something lovely. I'm afraid I wouldn't have the patience so I'll just admire yours.

Hope you get more water for your dam and growning season.