Monday, March 31, 2008

Oscar, the wild wood and a bracelet

Here is Oscar curled up and warm on our bed, he is waiting for it to get cold enough for a fire but before that he goes to the cattery while we are away. He loves the cattery where he lords it over all the flat faced pedigree cats.
The second photo is of a view through the pine forest behind the house, not much of it left these days but it is the cemetery for all the dogs and cats and some self sown pines have come up, I love the feel of the pine needles beneath ones feet. When the children were small now so many years ago, they used to call it the wild wood. There is usually a pony in here but now the dam is dry so I can walk in it with no fear of dogs or cats that are with me being chased until it really rains. .
Third is the bracelet I have just finished, I am still working on the other pearl one, it is taking far too long.
I have actually put clothes in my smaller case and they fit, worrying about how many pairs of pants I have put in, possibly one too many but we will see. I was going to buy anything I needed but now with the diff on the car going money is tighter than ever!!
Why is it always money.


Robin Mac said...

I love the bracelet, Penny, and like you, I also love to walk on pine neeedles. Did your children like Winnie the Pooh - that is the reference to the wild wood isn't it?

Nic Hohn said...

Penny your bracelets are beautiful! Keep going with the pearls, i'm sure it will be worth your while.
Happy creating!