Sunday, March 09, 2008

A bracelet finished

It is so hot I stayed home although I had the opportunity to visit someone while John went fishing. I did the feeds early and a couple of bits of watering but the temperature was going up fast.
I didnt really settle to much as I dont sleep well when it is hot but I did finish this bracelet and have nearly finished the bag I was making and have done a couple of play watercolors.
I didnt turn the air conditioner on until nearly 3 as I had the house closed but at least while the weather is dry and not humid it works quite well. So far it has been cooling down at night and at least this house is timber so cools down fast, but it can also warm up fast too.
I really dont know what will be left in the garden but I will plant next year more of the sedum spectablis not sure if that is the correct spelling, I have a pale pink and a very hot almost magenta one and they are flowering their heads off in the garden, so under the lemon scented gum where there is a garden that the gaura and garlic chives like I will put more of them in and the grey leaved succulent that doesnt mind either sun or frost. Anything to cover the ground.


bunks said...

Love the bracelet, do you have a picture of the flowers, I'm a little desperate for some greenery right about now.


Diana said...

the bracelet is cute, nice work! If you want to cool off, stop by my blog, it might make you feel better.