Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Succulents in the garden

Blogger has thank goodness fixed my non loading photo problem. I took the photos of these early in the morning so they all look a bit washed out. I think it was Bunks who was asking for flowers. I will try to do better now it has cooled down here, although in Adelaide today it was another shocker. They have now broken the March record of more than 8 days over 35 degrees, I think that was the old 100. The forecast was for 43, it was 37 when we left to come home, and about 24 here, very pleasant but more heat to come.
These are all sedums of various colors, the top one Is very dark almost magenta, the second is pale pink and the third is Autumn Joy.

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bunks said...

Wordpress just ate my post so at the risk of repeating myself I just wanted to say thank you for posting the pictures they are so pretty and just right for a snow-laden Canadian.

I'm not too sure that I should complain though about the snow considering the temperatures that you've been experiencing. We need a bit of a trade off in weather I think.

The flowers are great and I'll have to keep them in mind for summer as they look like they tolerate the heat well.