Saturday, March 29, 2008

Walking my world

Here is this evenings walk, well some of it. I walked up through the old pine forest and the gums are full of blossom and bees. I wonder if they know about a wet winter, I hope so. I walked up the hill and then down past the calves who were having their evening run and then around the road and up past the stables and talked to Joe who is in the yard, he was a stallion but we gelded him as we were not using him and he will make a nice saddle pony, actually I think we have sold him.
From there I walked up the track to the house and had another look at the colchiums, there are more out than before, the rain has been to their liking and on the other side of the track these three pomegranates were positively glowing in a patch of sunlight.
I am now home sore knees and back but I have managed a walk.

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Doreen G said...

you sure do live in a wonderful place Penny--to have all this at your doorstep must be magic.