Monday, March 17, 2008

Fabric Book

These are a few of the pages of the book I have been making for my mother. I thought she might like to look at it and feel the different textures. The scans of my paintings I put on canvas and had fun with different backgrounds using stains, stamps and stencils. All sorts of bits and pieces went in as well.
I wasnt sure how to put it together but although it looks a bit cobbled up I have sewn it together using strong linen thread.
It is another stinking hot day here today, Supposed to be a cool change tonight, but then the temperatures seem to be rising a bit. Certainly no rain to speak of so this has kept my mind occupied.
I may put the other pages up tomorrow.


Doreen G said...

What a wonderful book Penny and so textural as well.
I am sure your Mother will love it.


That is so interactive, it calls you to turn the pages and touch and see, how wonderful. Its very inspiring, especially since I plan to compile my "pages" which I'm creating for the TIF Challenge into a book.

Robin Mac said...

Penny, this book is wonderful and even if your mother is confused I am sure she will love turning the pages and feeling them. I keep hoping you will have a cool change and some rain soon - I know the two don't go together.......but we can wish!

Anonymous said...

A lot of love and effort has gone into that book, well done.