Friday, March 21, 2008

Our Mix it up Media exhibition

I thought the set up was fantastic and as I was on the desk early this morning I took some photos without people around.
It was amazing how many people came through for just the 3 hours I was on and what we sold. One man came in and said, I will have that one that one that one and that and it was just incredible. Others came, some bought some didnt but all thought it was a wonderful show of stuff and all so varied and different.
The photos I have put up all have some of my stuff on them, the first one 6 little big foot women, the next an array of 5 small hangings next to the magpie, then two small dolls on the next and another 2 dolls, the upper ones on the last one but in doing so I think I showed a fair representation of what was there. More tomorrow.
I feel as if I have been run over by a bus but have finally fed all animals, I was up too early to get over to Yankalilla in time to do them before I left, 3 large kangaroos on the road as I went through too, but the washing has now been put out and in again, the dishes finally done, the indoor pots watered and the house is sort of back to normal. Stock for Sunday's soup is made and I found a recipe I needed, not an easy task!
Still to do is a bed to make for a guest, and tomorrow some shopping and cooking. John has been busy tidying the garden as it looks as if we will be lucky and have a nice day.
Some wind today and still damp this morning although we only had 2 mm and it is really quite cool, I had jeans and a windcheater on for most of the day. Such a shock after last week and now we all feel tired.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

What lovely photos. There's a lot more in textile art than painting it seems - so much variety in texture and such rich colours. Lovely.
We had an excellent Good Friday. I'll post something about it tonight or tomorrow.

bunks said...

What a beautiful exhibition and you can bet I'd be buying one of that and that as well.