Friday, March 07, 2008

My diary cover

I have finally managed to cover my daily diary, yes I keep a daily one as well as my blog.
this is a brown paper bag crumpled and painted with copper acrylic paint, then crumpled again, bonded to a piece of calico and a stamp pad rubbed over the top of the crumples, olive green in color. I found the bits of lace I had painted and attached to pelmet vylene and beaded which I cut around and hand sewed onto the front.
Fun to do on a hot day like today.
I shopped early this morning and felt a bit like a wrung out dish rag.
I bought a cork board at the cheap shop and some stackable shelving so those were put up and in my work room as well. Found homes for the children's books and brought the Sunset Studio's into the top opf the book case, so pretty busy.
Over 30 degrees in Adelaide for the next week and tomorrow I go up to celebrate a friends 70th Birthday and it will be 39 so they say, 38 down here which means hotter again out in the valley.
Lucky Tony going over to kangaroo island for the week end, not so lucky those going to Womadelaide and the festival fringe. This is a long week end for the local Adelaide cup horse race, I pity the horses on this hard ground.


Doreen G said...

Lovely penny---it's funny but I was showing a friend this technique today.

MargaretR said...

That's turned out really beautifully Penny.

artisbliss said...

Hello Penny--I found your blog via Kate North's where I was admiring the package you sent to her and especially the dangly. I found the picture of more danglies posted on your blog--any chance of a tutorial?

I'd gladly trade you some warmth for our seemingly never-ending winter here in Kansas! It was snowing amidst the bright sunshine and blue sky this morning. Strange.

Debbi Baker said...

Love your cover Panny - great effect!!