Sunday, March 02, 2008


I think I have put these up before but I am trying to finish them off and I get about one and a half done at night while I am watching tv.
Another busy day, we had to go to a political fund raising lunch today and the food was very slow coming, quite nice catching up with a few people we hadnt seen for ages but a bit of a waste of a lovely afternoon.
Workshop on the Web was up today so I also spent time downloading it. some really good things i want to try.
My walk didnt happen but I was pretty busy this morning getting a few mundane things done, but these little things are going to take me at least another week to do.
The morning was very like autumn, I could hear a young kookaburra trying to learn how to laugh and various birds I hadnt heard for a while cool and autumny but this afternoon and the next few days were and will be hot again.

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