Monday, March 03, 2008

TIF Challenge and this mornings walk

The TIF challenge for March that Sharonb has given us are as far as I can tell these colors, they are not all dmc two are semco ones that I thought looked closer to the colors than the ones I had in dmc.
Her other challenge was small things, somehow I keep thinking of ants and as they are to go into my book about my mother perhaps her battle with them in various kitchens over the years might be appropriate. Rather more thought before I start.
It is warming up again so John and I were up and out early this morning to get into Victor Harbor and walk the beach before doing the various things we had to do. So the first one is a very different looking beach weather wise but the same one, as I did last week.
The second one was taken after we had finished the stuff we had to do in Victor and had a coffee on the Whalers Inn balcony and watched the earth works that are going on for the new boat ramp and surrounds. All quite interesting but I cant remember exactly what the plan it, deeper channel and a bit more area for parking.
John is trying to fix up the small cupboard I bought for $15 I think now it has had at least as much as that again spent on it plus time and a lot of swearing!

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Anonymous said...

So nice to see the picture of the beach, it's snow here in Canada so I'm appreciating your walks :)