Thursday, March 06, 2008

The really messy workroom

this is my sewing room and it is really messy, sometimes not so bad but at the moment, well a few works in progress.
It is a small room and I have problems trying to take photos in it.
The first is from the door straight in, the second across my work table and missing the window to the wardrobe and the third is of some of my stash, this is where I cant get it all in the photo.
Is it any wonder I dont buy any more material at the moment.
I have two pfaff sewing machines, one a very old one and one the little hobby that I take to classes and does the best fme and then the Janome xpression.
I think I should de stash a bit more, I havent taken what is on the floor!
Home from Adelaide where the car at times registered over 40 degrees, Victor it dropped to 23 and out here 31, we are always hotter than Victor.
A very tiring day but everything we had to do got done.


Anonymous said...

LOL, from a quilter's point of view that isn't nearly enough material, you need more :)


Anonymous said...

I completely agree-- how do you give up your stash of stuff? You NEED it!! I think your room is colorful and inspiring. As long as you have a foot of clear space to walk, and a bit of table room to work on, why clean?
Thanks for sharing the unvarnished version-- it made my day!

Debbi Baker said...

I love your rooms!! Messy, stimulating and FULL - way to go!!! And as waitpersons the world over say, ENJOY!! PS Makes me feel as though we could be sisters actually.

Alison said...

STUFF!! I am going to watch the 8.oopm program on ABC on Tuesday about Stuff. Very nice to see your work roomS - I think you have evn more than me.