Thursday, March 13, 2008

Two different days

The first photos were taken on Monday evening just as the clouds from a weak change were coming in.
I took a distant view of the Bluff and also one of Mt Breckan, our local sort of castle, one of the early stately homes.
the others were taken early this morning as I had to be in for a blood test by 8 am, and then we walked on the increasingly hot beach but much clearer skies.
More or less the same Bluff photos, some bright yacht sails at the yacht club, a schools thing I think, and another of the old Stately homes, Adare which is now a Christian Bible college or some such.
Going to be a stinker today and the wind is getting up as well.
A lovely walk and two in one week, but it is far too hot to walk at home.

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