Tuesday, March 04, 2008

work in progress

This is scanned and I will have to take a photo when it is finally finished as the scan doesnt come up very well.
I need to do some beading around her head and add a few more bits.
Basically I was fiddling with some embellished stuff and didnt like it so I cut it up and wove it togehter, did some hand stitching and still didnt look like anything useful so cut it in half, found a face and hand and foot and thought it had possibilities so added red to black felt and a circle of left over foiled felt. I like this cutting up idea and am having fun with it.
Got a parcel from Dale at The Thread Studio today with Sarah Lawrence's Wild Woman book, basically it is what doll makers have been doing for ages but in a really fun way, making doll themed brooches. Doll makers tend to call them pins.

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bunks said...

This is very good I like it.