Wednesday, March 19, 2008

This weeks Orchid

I have been to Adelaide and back via Langhorne Creek, Strathalbyn and Mt Barker and back. Well I collected John in Strathalbyn, it has been a long and tiring day.
Up in the dark at 6 am, why cant the stupid politicians work out that getting up in the dark is worse than having long hot evenings.
I headed down to Adelaide and after getting some flowers for my mother and by passing the huge petrol queue I saw her and delivered the flowers and the book which she was a bit confused about but did like, I hope it doesnt disappear but any way she has it and did like looking at it, I have no idea if she will remember it, or if I gave it to her. I did get the petrol at the best price of the day after I had seen her. It then went up very high so that was a good thing done.
I am on my second half glass of white wine as John has suddenly remembered he had an appointment tonight so I scrounged some cheese and biscuits and a tomato and some nuts that plus the wine is dinner.
Our "stuff" for the trip arrived today, at last it seems just a bit as if it might be happening, a back pack, a cap and a shirt, We are well emblazoned with our milk companies logo!! I will think about it after Easter. Some things are falling into place.
Oh and the orchid, it fell off the plant while we were bringing a couple inside from the greenhouse so I propped it up with some green lily stems. I was going to paint it and the other bits on the kitchen table but it may not happen.
Talking of the kitchen table it is a round cedar table I bought for 8 pounds, when we had pounds many years ago, it was very battered but I wanted a round table and this was all we could find we could afford, John used to cut up the home killed sheep on it and cut bits out of it with the sae (hand held) and i was told off by a stock agent once for having it in my kitchen and did I know what it was worth! I told him I did know but to me I paid 8 pounds and it was none of his business. Many a good meal has been had around that table.

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