Sunday, March 30, 2008

Granite Island walk

Today we decided to walk over to Granite Island and back, a reasonable walk for us and I took the odd photo, the horse tram, John sitting on the jetty and a shot of the end of the Island and the causeway with the Victor Harbor suburbs behind.
Sorry the last one has come on first as I lost it but the other two are in order!
We went back to the Anchorage for a coffee and then home to feed the chooks.
We are definitely having problems with daylight saving not ending today, and so apparently did a lot of other people, including the airlines at the airport. We just got up an hour later and that put our timing out for the rest of the morning. We knew it hadnt ended just wanted to get up in daylight.
Today we measured suitcases for the trip, John wants to take a big one, I dont we will see what we can fit in.
I have been trying to finish the pearl bracelet but it is a beast to get right and I have also started knitting a jumper for Millie, cant make up my mind if I should take it with me or not, I have this feeling I will not really have time to knit. If I could knit on the plane it would be a different matter.
Not a lot of time for any sewing stuff at the moment but I have managed to get my travel diary up and running. Maybe more on that tomorrow.

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Robin Mac said...

We have been highly amused by the chaos down south where daylight saving has not yet finished - glad you could sleep in and get up in daylight though. I am determined that I am only taking a medium sized suitcase the next time we go away, I will just be ruthless about chucking stuff out, big ones are far too difficult to fit into the small rooms we inevitably seem to end up in!