Monday, March 24, 2008

Walking at Normanville

We had breakfast early at Whalers in Victor this morning with an old school friend who i keep in contact with but dont actually see very often, so it was a lovely way of catching up with her and her new fellow.
Home and animals fed and the day warmed up from the 8 degrees when we went in this morning, not too much but a bit.
This afternoon I had to go over to collect what I hadnt sold at the exhibition, quite a few things came home but also I had sold $205 worth so it was worth while.
We had a walk along the beach for half an hour before collecting stuff.
We are having to re think a bit of our Californian trip as Patti Culea is having to rush over to help her daughter who is having a few baby complications, not sure what we will do at the moment, not long before we go so will sort something out but I will be sorry not to catch Patti.
We had a wonderful lunch yesterday, but I am not sure about 11 people, I run out of cutlery and plates after about 8 or I use all throw away but this was a slightly grand sit down under the glory vine and they arrived at 12.30 and didnt leave until around 6.00 so I think that was a good party. Lots of work but the food worked out well and thank goodness two brought dessert as that is not my forte and they all helped with the dishes as I dont have a dishwasher so that was tremendous as well. They were all good friends..

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Robin Mac said...

Sometimes I think washing up by hand after a party can be much more fun and far more social than a dishwasher! Your luncheon sounds like a resounding success to me.