Sunday, March 16, 2008

This morning

We were up early this morning, chooks fed and disheds done and in to Victor to Whalers, a bit early so we walked around the base of the Bluff and as we did two seals came pouring in around near the little beach we used to skin dive from. They were rolling and playing and the first photo is a not very good one I managed to get just as one put his head out of the water. They were so fast it was hard to get them.
We met Tabby and John at Whalers for breakfast, getting hot then, it was over 36 degrees when we left at 10 am. so the next photo is of Millie smiling and looking pleased with herself at having an audience. She is gorgeous but not entirely enjoying the heat, they are solar powered and as yesterday was overcast the air conditioner was off for a lot of the day, that is the only power they have.
The next scan is one of the pages for a fabric book I am playing with, I have a few pages done but probably not enough, not as nice as the ones I have seen but I am learning what and how to do it all.


juanita sim said...

So interesting and a bit odd, to read about how hot it gets at this time of year in your part of the world. We just hit 400 cm of snowfall, the second snowiest winter on record, and it may be the snowiest before it's over. I like your fabric page. The colours are very rich and calming. I think you are doing just great.

Doreen G said...

Millie is just so sweet isn't she.
And a great fabric page too

bunks said...

Your fabric girl fits right in, very nice.

The baby is beautiful :)


bunks said...

Interesting how you can read a comment by one person that's in a blog from Australia and the phrase "second snowiest winter on record" strikes a cord and you check and realise that you've found someone who lives in the same area of the world - Ontario, Canada - as yourself.

The phrase from Disney "It's a small, small world after all" comes to mind.