Saturday, March 15, 2008

After the fire

I rushed outside and took these photos just as the sun was rising yesterday morning. John rudely asked if I took one of my self in sandals and nothing else. Not worth thinking about.
Any way this was what the clouds looked like and the last one is of the earie light in the orchard. These were taken at about 7.05 am and sunrise (with daylight saving!!) is about 7.15.
Smoke in the air always gives us these rather spectacular sunrises and sets.
Still hot but more humid today. I am sewing and making pages for a new fabric book.


Doreen G said...

Spectacular photos Penny but they come at a price don't they.
Was there much damage from the fires.

Robin Mac said...

What a wonderful series of photos - nobody else could see you in just your sandals anyway so what the heck!


What beautiful colours,but are you safe? Fire which is uncontrolled can be a risky proposition.

Anonymous said...

Simply spectacular and well worth the effort. Concern that you are out of harms way.


Penny said...

the fires were a reasonable distance but on days of hot roaring north winds it is amazing how fast they can come. so far we have been lucky, and our fire people have been very much on the ball and are there almost as soon as they are seen, but still there are sick people out there who light them.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

They certainly are excellent photos but fires are awesome but so dangerous.
Saw a program on Point Elliot new housing estate. Is that near you? Looks well-designed with plenty of things for oldies.