Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Bantams

I have probably put his up before as it is an old photo of my Japanese bantam roosters but I have nothing at the moment. I think they are lovely, and I have more chicks hatched at the moment.
I am tired but had to put something up, I was told late last night that I had to put labels on ALL my stuff for the exhibition including the 20 embroidered and beaded hearts and 25 danglies, that was a shock to the system and I spent all morning labeling things, didnt finish until midday with John cursing over the computer stuff I asked him to do. After lunch I headed to Yankalilla in drizzle, lovely drizzle and helped put up my stuff and the exhibition looks fantastic.
I am on first thing tomorrow and will take some photos then. I had to say that the painting exhibition next door looked positively boring compared to ours.

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