Friday, March 14, 2008

TIF Challenge for March done

I decided to go fairly minimilistic with this months challenge, so here it is done. the scan doesnt really do it justice, but another page in my book.
I thought it looked quite Japanese and as my Japanese visitors always think my house is over the top with stuff in it it is appropriate for this months theme of small things.
I can hear a tree frog calling outside the bedroom door, we have had a mister on there for the orchids, not that it is doing a lot of good with this long dry spell, I am only watering what I have to. Yesterdays fires were just too close and the wind that got up in the night was awful, so not a lot of sleep but a lot of getting up and looking out of the windows.
It is cooler here and tonight will be pleasant thank goodness but no real relief until Wednesday. Oh for rain and lots of it.


Robin Mac said...

I love the Japanese look of your piece Penny. I feel for you with the fires, they are such horrible monsters, I hope they are all under control now.

Doreen G said...

A lovely piece Penny and it does look Japanese.

Aussie Jo said...

This piece is very effective because it is minimalistic. Very nice.

Debbi Baker said...

This is lovely Penny - very peaceful! And congratulations on teh successful exhibition! (I am reading your blog backwards this time...)