Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The orchid in the bathroom

It never fails to amaze me that these orchids flower at this time of the year, just as its getting cold here although most of them are cool tropical.
I think I pinched a bit of this one from some one when I was in Queensland last year as I dont really recognise it.
Very cold here and quite gloriously damp although my knees are objecting a bit.
I have spent all morning on the computer trying to organise some where to stay in San Diego, as I logged onto places rooms were taken off before my eyes and it was all getting sooo expensive, and even the expensive ones didnt have any where for that time.
I have finally booked us into a small place, which seems to be undergoing renovations, probably why we got the room!! Also not close to much but we will get day passes for the buses and trolleys so that will I hope help my feet!! We have also booked our train down to there from LA and back so I think we are organised and what I saved on the room we can spend on getting around and it does have breakfast included and a kitchen so we can eat up big at lunch time and take back something at night.
Having been feeling depressed about the extra expense I now feel a lot better although spending will certainly be curtailed.
So now to work out clothes and temperatures!

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