Friday, March 28, 2008

Bracelet in progress

I have been very busy trying to get my house and my life sorted out this week, being a short one it is Friday already.
We had our flu shots today so I hope we dont have a reaction, we dont normally.
I have been trying to get this done but it is very slow progress at the moment, I have never used fireline before and it tangles horribly, this design also uses masses of pearls.
Still cool, lots of brief showers yesterday but nothing today but another front expected to go through in the morning. I now have piles in my
workroom of things I think I will need and things I may not and my comfortable shoes are now hurting me!! Oh Hell I need comfortable feet and mine never are these days.
I will try different socks.
Getting excited, but also getting in a panic, the amount of pharmaceuticals we might need is alarming!! That IS showing our age.


Doreen G said...

Ah yes Penny comfortable feet are the number one priority when travelling.
The bracelet looks good too.

Robin Mac said...

How long now till you go?
I know the feeling about the pharmaceuticals, and they take up sooo much room!