Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TAST 2 knotted buttonhole stitch

I really liked this one, perhaps because I didnt have to think about it too hard just do it.
So here is my weeks TAST 2 for Sharon B (on my side bar).
I am also going to use this for my bit of texture on Holey Moley, as I loved the way I could use the different threads, sizes and textures and pile them up on top of each other.
I loved doing this and was watching the lovely BBC TV series on British Rivers last night while I did it, I am sad that series has now finished.
I am tired, I went to Adelaide today, the first time I have driven up since my eye decided that I couldnt see out of it, it is a 3 hour round trip, as well as buying petrol, which as the price will jump up tomorrow meant a long wait and seeing my mother, always a bit depressing, she was ok just sad and feeling lonely although they have a really nice young carer in at the moment, I wonder how long she will last.
I think that all sounds a bit disjointed. Forgive me, Wednesdays are never good.
I did drop in to give the rabbit to Millie, I should have taken the camera, it and especially its egg were a great hit, she played with it the whole time I was there. Cuddling it, dancing with it and placing it and its egg in her dolls house, and getting her other rabbits to talk to it, so for once a good outcome, with children one really never knows.
The next few days will be a bit sporadic, I will probably post here and not on the other blog unless I have time to do some sketching.
The trouble with Easter in a holiday destination town is that the town fills up with tourists and the locals have to fight to do any shopping and find parking spaces. Good for the big retailers, probably not so good for the others.


Wanda..... said...

Beautiful stitchery Penny, love the colors. Have a nice Easter!

annie said...

That is a rabbit to love, Penny. I love the picture of it on the last post. Millie will love it to pieces.

shirley said...

I made a rabbit for my grandaughter when she was about 3 I think, and she still has it at nearly 17 and still calls it "wabbie". I am sure your grandaughter will love her rabbit just as much. I think the egg is a great touch.