Saturday, March 13, 2010

Parsons Beach and a bit of textile nonsense

This morning after going in to the market and buying some nice fresh vegetables we came home and then went on to Parsons Beach, normally very quiet and no one around but this morning there was a surf carnival on so we were mixed up with lots of young men and women as we walked the beach.
the first photo was rather fun, a sort of surf scarecrow with some ones flippers on the ends of his arms and a cockle bag on his head with sea weed as hair.
I had been wanting to see if my knee would cope with going down the very steep path to the beach, which it did except for the last step when I slipped ignominiously on a stone and had to be helped to my feet by a nice young man, well I didnt really need to be helped but when one as good looking as this offered I wasnt going to say no!
We walked from one end to the other which was a fair test, lots of millipedes wandering around the waters edge, I have no idea why they had a death wish but they seemed to.
I love the way my photo shop sometimes makes the wet sand look so orange, it is orange but not as bright as this one.
My textile piece is the one I put up a few days ago and is now finished I think, I have no idea what I am going to do with it, any ideas?
It was really trying to get some texture on top of the shiva sticks I had done. I quite like the way when I reversed the stitching at the bottom it gives a totally different look to the whole thing.
It is warming up and apart from the long walk we have had a quiet day but are off to a family 18th birthday party tonight, not that I expect to be very late, especially as John is going fishing tomorrow.
I have the bedroom door open and I have just heard the most beautiful sound, a grey thrush is out there somewhere singing, there always used to be a pair but I only very occasionally hear them these days so it is lovely to hear this one.

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