Saturday, March 20, 2010

Textile fish and flowers

These are the unfinished fish I did yesterday, my printed block in the middle and then a stamp which I put embossing granules on and heated. I am slowly doing a bit of stitching but not sure where it is going or if it will be discarded.
After an enjoyable dinner out and then an early start so john could be at the polling station by 8 I went in to the market and then walked along from Kent Reserve at Encounter Bay.
I walked along the beach one way and along the bike track the other way so there are amix, one of my usual ones of the Bluff in its many moods, early there was quite a lot of cloud and we had thick fog but it went very quickly.
The lorikeets were nearly deafening as they were all in the trees some of which like this one had loads of heavy gum blossom on them.
This tufted grass is a South African weed but I love its seed heads and I am sure it is not doing any harm here on the sand.
I am forever looking for some sort of photos I can use in my textile stuff and this was another possibility.
I have put up all my photos as a screen saver, why i havent done it before I will never know, but when I look at them rolling through I realise that some of them are pretty darn good when up on the full screen.
Of course some of them havent been edited and some are really pretty blurry but on the whole....


Robin Mac said...

I used to have all my photos as a screen saver till we had Windows 7 installed and I haven't been able to work out how to do it now!! I loved seeing them rolling through, but often there was a search to find one I saw on the screen, but had no idea from which file it came. Now I have a large didgiframe in the kitched with them rolling through. Cheers, Robin

ArtPropelled said...

Penny your stamped and stitched pieces are my favourites. I hope you don't discard them. They really are lovely. I've been looking through your beach photos and they are beautiful, especially the ones with cloudy skies.