Sunday, March 07, 2010

Tast 2 and looking for texture

This is the first of Take a Stitch Tuesday run by Sharon on pintangle (see my side bar). I did Tast 1 a couple of years ago and although I am not very good at embroidery it was fun and made me do somethings to a time limit.
This the first week was diamond stitch, it took me ages to get my head around how to do it but finally things sort of fell into place. So my very first wobbly steps back into embroidery are here. I felt I had to get it up as I was running out of time to do it.
On Dale Rollersons Holey Moley we are now into a new part, textures so when John and I went walking along the cliffs from Petrel's Cove and down to the beach I took lots of photos, I am not sure all of them have texture but I had fun any way.
The first is a lump of quartz that has many lovely fractures in it with bits of the grey wack embedded in it.
Then the textures and contrasts between the euphorbia that grows on the sand hills behind the beach to the grasses in the paddocks and then the trees beyond.
Not much texture as such here, just a large Mallow with the sea and rocks behind and finally what I tend to call shark bait, surfers in the sea at the base of the Bluff at Petrel's. Especially at this time of the year when the salmon and mulloway are running.


Wanda said...

You do have beautiful scenes to inspire you, Penny.

kay susan said...

Penny, if you are getting old, so am I, because I had a hard job figuring it out too - I didn't read the instructions properly!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

These are really lovely photos. What a beautiful environment you live in. I watched an excellent program on ABC TV today about the Galapagos Islands - how the strange creatures have developed over there and how they survive on barely hospitable islands.