Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What we did today

Well some of it, certainly not cleaning the house which thank heavens did get done, the dust I moved was rather more than I like to think about.
Here is Millie's Easter rabbit, she is cute but I am still not sure if she looks like a rabbit, she is holding a cloth egg, probably wont go down at all well with Miss Millie but we will see. I am sure she will lose her hat very quickly but getting the dress off may be harder.
Our walk this morning was across the causeway to Granite Island, all the beaches were swarming with school children, here on camps and as we havent walked across for a while, off we went.
I took the photo of the horse tram horses in their day shelter, they are big Clydesdale's, lovely big quiet horses, although in the old days they were light draught not heavy ones.
Then a shot of the causeway, I love all those shadows underneath.
The fairy penguins in bronze done by Silvio Epogny one of our well known sculptors, they are always being rubbed and like the bronzes in the temples in Japan get a lovely patina.
Finally the tram itself coming back to the mainland from the Island which is in the background, this is a huge attraction for the town and there are I think four other horse trams in the world, one on the Isle of Man, one on the Northern Island of Japan and one I think in Florida, somewhere in America any way.
I dont know how like ours they are, I know the Japanese one is smaller as I have been on it.
Any way a busy day but a lot seems to have been done so I feel that my time has not been wasted.


Doreen G said...

Millies rabbit is gorgeous Penny I am sure she will love it- but then she does sound as though she has a mind of her own

Hildred and Charles said...

Great pictures Penny, - I love the one of the horses, and the tram crossing the causeway. Every bit of the earth has its own beauty, and walking beaches sounds lovely! Very sweet rabbit, - lucky Millie!