Monday, March 08, 2010

Wet and windy with a touch of autumn

I went walking in the paddock today and had to wear my rubber boots and a jacket. The first time for a long time. I kept getting drops of rain on my glasses and my camera was having a few problems shutting the lens.
I would hate to lose that camera but it has been to a lot of strange places and also been on a lot of beaches, always a worry.
John had gone cockling, he came home wet and cold, well he had changed his clothes but was still cold. I think they now have enough cockles for us to take to Coffin Bay.
I stayed home and measured the rain and did a few things around the house .
I also had fun doing some forward planning for some textile stuff, a small kantha type stitchery that I have placed a bird on, this was done from a rubber stamp I did ages ago and is showing up nicely under some chiffon. I also stenciled a fish onto some silk, not sure where that one will go, and have collected a few other bits and pieces for further stitching.
Read up on a few things as I have to do a demo for when we go to Broken Hill, have been looking at gelatin printing or possibly using baby wipes. I am looking forward to Broken Hill, it is in June, it is another Grumpy week end only this time we are joining the Broken Hill girls and not them having to come to us.
The photos, a bit of the vegetable garden, not much in it but the jerusalem artichokes are just starting to flower.The next one is a bit distant from the fence by the back gate and is of one of the Manchurian pears in a row between paddocks that is beginning to show some colour, then as I went up the hill the misty look of rain and the brown of the paddocks. Not clear and harsh as it has been for most of the summer. I know there is some green but they are a darn nuisance and are summer weeds.
Thank you again to all who drop by and look, it means a lot.


Wanda said...

I love your distant views of the single tress that stand alone on the hills and the groves as well. We both are in seasonal changes, Penny!♥

Robin Mac said...

Love your photos Penny, wish I could say that Autumn is coming on here, still very hot and humid. We used to grow Jerusalem artichokes when I was a child, haven't seen them since. Cheers, Robin