Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Dijanne Cevaal who is wandering Europe at the moment and whose lino cutting course I did put out a while ago a challenge to use only two colours of cloth and as many colours of thread as we liked, using simple stitch and make a new cloth. Her size was 50 x 50 cms. I am afraid that I can not make something that size and finish it, at least not in a year or so so I opted to do a small, very small! 15 x 10 cm piece and this is the result, I had such fun with it I may try with something a bit bigger but not 50 cm x 50 cm.
This is all silk and is backed onto a piece of cotton backing. I thought if I didnt back it I would not be able to do it and wasnt sure if those were the rules or not, probably not, but it kept me busy over a night or two.
We are having some uncomfortable weather hot and sticky. John and I went to Adelaide today to see my mother and come back again, I cant believe how tired I feel. I only see my mother for about 2 hours, but it is tiring trying to keep up some small talk in that time.
When asked yesterday about the odd spot on my head yesterday the doctor who was one I didnt know and was one of the duty doctors took a scraping said it would take 3 weeks to get back a result if it was a fungus, which he didnt think it was, but it could be a skin cancer or just well who knows and it may need a biopsy.
All well and good but now I sit and wait with an itching head. I do see my own doctor next week, maybe he will be more forthcoming.
Is it any wonder that all faith in doctors has gone out of the window.
The dogs are barking at me and although it is early I had better feed them, I am marinating some steak for dinner, we decided to for go the fish tonight and have the last of them tomorrow night.
A bit rough when all I can think of is to write about health, dogs and food!

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Sally Westcott said...

Penny, I love Your KISS! It is so fluid.