Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last nights walk and this morning.

Last night I took my life in my hands again and walked through the paddocks to the road. I cant see well enough over the rough ground at the moment but I need the exercise.
I loved the sky through these two trees on the side of the road and the pussy tails, why pussy tails I dont know, but that is what they have always been called here, well there was a nice clump of them waving in the breeze so I had to take their photo. When we were children we used to put them in coloured ink and then dry them.
The sedum Autumn Joy is now in its deep russet coloured flowering, I love the colours that this particular plant has and it doesnt mind frosts, just dies down and then pops up again, what more could you want.
It was quite windy this morning but I needed a walk so John and I walked along the beach near the mouth of the Hindmarsh. The beach has changed again since our last walk there, the sand has cut away and moved around. It is very interesting to see how much it changes. No shells but a few more rocks to add to my collection.
We had a bit of an interesting time last night and this morning, a pony we had lent out as a teaser couldnt be found, he was supposed to be returned to us and didnt ever turn up and we coudnt contact the fellow who had him.
Finally we got a phone number, only to be told it would cost us $5oo to get him back. As I knew nothing about the people who had him and this was tantamount to stealing I wasnt at all happy but this morning we managed to pick him up, in a dreadful state and only paid $200, the people who had him had tried to do their best so that money went to a farrier and on feed but he still looks like a hat rack. Poor pony.
I think my girls might have learnt a lesson about trusting people.
I have also been in the garden today, pulling out the crocosma bulbs and leaves and spent flower heads, there are plenty of bulbs left in the ground but these ones looked awful, right by the path to the back door.
I didnt get much sleep last night worrying about the pony, but I think I will sleep tonight.
We are heading in for a few more warmer days but I dont know if the wind is going to die down or not, not terribly hot though, sounds very pleasant.


annie said...

Sorry about the pony difficulties It sounds terribly complicated--and I don't understand the ins and outs of the procedures-- but I am glad that you got him back. Take care of yourself, too, Penny.


Wanda said...

The sedum Autumn Joy is a favorite of mine, I love how it looks in the fall. Be careful walking in the paddocks, Penny!